Turtles and New Beginnings

I love my new home.

After two days of rain, there is only mist this morning and the trees and shrubs are sparkling with rain drops. The grass is almost an iridescent green. I have to go outside!

I’ve waited for two long years to live in this little home by the marsh. I feel I live in a park but actually it is the land around my home. At one time it must have been glorious. As I discover some of its secret magic, all I want to do is trim the shrubs and restore the landscaping to its original splendor. I have thoughts of my own secret garden.

Each morning I go to the fenced-in area and greet the day with some standing chi gong. This morning after the exercise I decided to pick up little Cozmo, my Yorkie who likes to run and run without concern for safety! I cuddled him close and we walked down the path to the end of the pier that extends about 20 feet into the wetlands. I soaked up the essence of the water, the grasses, and the beauty. I felt myself unwind, let go, and just be. The feelings I have standing on the pier are freeing: Healing. Uplifting. Spiritual.

As I turned to walk back to my home, I could barely see it through the trees. I decided to really take a look around, and I realized the original landscaping extended along the path all the way to the pier. I realized that much of the vegetation was intentionally placed with great love and care.

From each window in the house I can see either the marsh or the turtle pond across the street. Hundreds of turtles live there, and while I can’t always see them, I can watch the surface of the water and see the little bubbles that rise to the top and occasionally see a head peeking out as the owner swims about in the murky water.

I had no idea that turtles make sounds. However, I’ve heard the pond sing at night as the turtles somehow create a song that is a little discordant, yet almost mystical. I’ve found myself opening the front door in the evenings just to listen to their special melody, hoping they are in the mood for an extended concert. Last evening, in the rain, they were spectacular!

You can find just about anything on the Internet, so I looked for information on turtle sounds. I found a website with short recordings for several different types of turtles. It is thrilling to hear them chirp. The turtles on the page don’t live in North Carolina, but the sounds are about the same.

Perhaps I’ll find a way to record the singing pond. When I do, I’ll share the sounds with you as I’ll be sharing a little bit of the miracle of life.

How’s This for a Surprise?  Did you know that tortoises make sounds?