Mother Nature and the Fight for Life

The dentist is an unusual place to have an awakening, but it worked for me!  I was sitting in the chair watching a video of waves crashing the shore and a light bulb went off in my mind. The ocean offers such beauty and peace and we’ve turned it into a disaster zone. It’s polluted and the military uses sonar that harms sea life.(Los Angles Times). Humanity has declared war on Mother Nature.

The same war that is destroying the oceans is ruining the land, the atmosphere, and all life on this planet. You don’t think so? Think again.

Tip to help you awaken:  Call the trees Tree Beings, your pets Dog Beings and Cat Beings. Call water sources Water Beings or River Beings, Ocean Beings, Lake Beings.

In the United States companies have too much governmental influence. Corporate funding to politicians willing to support them has gradually turned individual politicians, government, and the corporations into a nightmare of corruption and violence against humanity and the Earth. And, the exploitation is packaged so expertly we don’t even know it is happening to us.

Insurance companies wage war on some people by undeserving them in their darkest days, often denying payment for medicines and diagnostic tests doctors prescribe. Pharmaceutical companies wage war on their customers, sometimes causing death because medications are unaffordable. For example “Biogen’s (BIIB) new medication Spinraza, which treats a rare spinal disorder in children and adults called spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), will carry a price tag of $750,000 for the first year of treatment, with subsequent annual treatments dropping to $375,000 per year per patient.” (CBS News).

You say this is not war; it is business. Ask mother Earth. She struggles to maintain life on this planet. Ask the fish and turtles who can’t live in water polluted with plastic, toxic chemicals, oil spills, human waste, and garbage. Ask the millions of animals that no longer have a home and are starving to death. Ask the bees and butterflies that are dropping dead from the toxic insecticides we spray on our gardens, flowers, and fruit trees. Ask the berry farmers who have to rent beehives during the growing season because there aren’t enough bees to pollinate the plants naturally. Ask the dogs and cats that die because their owners can’t pay to take them for regular medical care. Ask the elderly people wasting away is sub-par nursing homes because they can’t afford better care.

You and I are at war with the greedy companies and corporations who supply our daily life needs. We don’t call it war. We call it having to pinch our pennies or going without until payday. Or, we get our food from food banks and pay for our utilities via community help programs that often dehumanize us rather than help us. We eat toxic food. We drink toxic water. We breathe toxic air. The land is so toxic it is getting harder and harder to create organic farms.

Since money seems to rule many human beings, businesses, and corporations, the only way to stop the insanity it is to stop giving our money to those who fund the unethical mega companies. Stop buying toxic food. Vote against people who don’t believe in climate change, defund our public schools, defund human services organizations, yet continue to make it easier for mega companies to make war on the Earth and all of its inhabitants.

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To heal our planet and ourselves, we can live mindful, aware lives. You and I can raise our vibration high enough to change our societies. We can love each other. We can choose kindness, compassion, and tenderness. We can see people as people instead of Democrats or Republicans, Christians or Muslims, gay or straight, young or old, handicapped or capable. We can see the beauty of nature and preserve that beauty in places where we can–our yards and gardens, our patios and porches. We can plant trees and flowers for the birds, bees, and butterflies. And we can love ourselves and teach our children to love themselves and this planet.

How do we raise our vibration and change our world? We can

  • Choose love as a way of life
  • Accept what we cannot change and work to change what we can
  • Love ourselves and teach our children and grandchildren to love themselves
  • Create a network of loving, kind, compassionate beings for emotional-spiritual support
  • Watch TV and movies that are funny, loving, and peaceful—and read books that lift us out of the chaos and into balance and harmonious living
  • Volunteer with organizations and services that contribute to our communities
  • Donate to organizations that lift humanity and strive to preserve our planet
  • Understand that what we resist gets stronger and acceptance is the beginning of real change


 Cover photo by Ben White /