Mindful Life-Style – From Theory to Action

Creating a Positive and Peaceful Life


In plain language, mindfulness is a positive practice that creates a lively, peaceful, happy life suited to your personality and needs. This includes the freedom to become your authentic and best self while enjoying positive relationships within the family, society, and at work. To enjoy a life filled with positivity, we all need to enjoy love, success, and hopefulness, along with some meaningful rejuvenation time, but we don’t always know how to create these things for our self. In a gradual way, with one mindful thought and activity at a time, you can learn to create the mindful life that you want. Come participate with us, and learn some new ideas and easy ways to create a heartful life.

Objectives & Key Takeaway

  • Mindfulness, awareness, and consciousness. Same? Different?
  • The benefits of living a peaceful, aware life.
  • Easy to do “action steps” to bring tranquility into your life – tips and strategies that create spiritual connection.
  • Free and almost free Stress-busters available to everyone
  • An experiential session of Heartfulness Relaxation and Meditation