Manifesting is Magic!

Magdalena MorysonToday’s guest blogger comes to us via Dublin, Ireland. Please welcome my lovely, lighthearted, and insightful new friend, Magdalena Moryson.  I’ve been so inspired by her smile and her wisdom that I invited her to share her sparkles with you.  You can find her contact information below. ~Janet

One topic that seems to come back to me strongly over time is co-creation or manifesting. I’ve been always very interested in it and read as much as I could to gain more knowledge about the subject. It can be confusing and disheartening in the beginning because different sources provide only some parts of the picture. It took me a while to put every piece of puzzle together and get clearer picture on manifesting. I would like to share with you all that I know and use. It truly works for me and it is great fun! It requires some practice, as all that’s new to us, and once you fully get it, it works wonders.  Why it’s called co-creation?

It’s so because you take part in creating your life, the other bit (quite big one as a matter of fact) is on Source’s (Creator, God, and The Infinite) side. There’s no separation between you and Source, you are individualized version of It. Like a leaf is a part of a tree, or a wave a part of the ocean you’re a part of Source, even more so, you are it! This can be also your experience, if you’re not there yet, you need to take my word for it. Since there’s no separation you might still wonder why it’s then co-creation… Let’s put it that way – you and Source are one team yet you have different tasks. Your job is to place your ‘order’ and the Infinite Intelligence takes care of bringing it to reality – realizing it, materializing it, so on so forth… In order to manifest effectively you need to know and follow the rules – it’s always useful to know how to play the game!

There are four channels of manifesting: your thoughts, words, feelings and actions.

We are all patterns of energy and data. When you strip it to the quantum level it’s all energy. Your thoughts, words, feelings and actions are energy and so are you. You’re like a radio transmitter and receiver at the same time. You send and receive lots and lots of information through your subconscious mind. So when you have a thought, or say something, or feel it you broadcast it into the ether as energy… on subatomic level it looks like waves and/or particles. Those four channels help you communicate with the Infinite and place your order.

Now practical example: let’s say you want to buy a new car. It starts as an idea (quite thin and enteric energetic quality), then you think of it for a while (you give more energy to it) and speak about it with your partner (by verbalizing it you bring it one notch down energetically speaking, because words are more dense energetically them ideas & thoughts). Then you feel how wonderful it would be to drive that car and where you would take you family in it, etc…by doing so you give even more energy to the idea of buying a new car and you turn it into a vision, plus you bring it even closer to manifestation as feelings again are more dense vibrations then words. After a while you happen to find a great bargain or get some ‘’unexpected’’ income and you go and buy a car. As a last step you took action, which is the densest of four channels of co-creation. Thanks to those four ways you brought this car into your reality. All of them are equally important and they work on different levels of manifestation, from the most thin to the densest one. Remember that all that exists was once a thought, just a simple idea in somebody’s mind.

* I want to share one tip with you… when you reverse the order… so first act and then feel, speak and think of what you want to be/do/have you’re speeding up the process! This technique is called act as if, and it truly rocks. Imagine you want to gain more confidence. Simply by behaving as if you already are a confident person, feeling like one and speaking, thinking as if it’s your reality you send such energetic signal to the whole world and it starts to respond to it the same way! It gives you more of what you broadcast. It’s pure magic!

You need to be in energetic alignment with that which you’re manifesting. In other words your thoughts, words, feelings and actions need to state: I create such and such. Coming back to radio metaphor – you can’t expect to listen to 102fm when you’re tuned into 98fm… it all needs to be a vibration match.

It makes a huge difference from where you launch your rocket with dreams to be manifested, in other words form where you place your order. Again I mean from energetic point of view. The highest platforms are called gratitude, love, joy and empowerment. These emotional states are the best launching pads ever!

The more you remember who you truly are and reconnect with your soul, the more you find yourself in alignment with the one will of Source. Guess how this does improve your effectiveness of co-creation?

The next rule is very important to remember and it states: your manifesting abilities are ALWAYS on! You cannot not create and manifest your life and you do it in each and every moment! The question is how conscious you are about it and whether you’re creating that which you desire or the opposite of it. The more positive your thoughts, words, feelings and actions the more positive the life you’re creating!

Use the power of visualization. I’ve mentioned it a bit above in example to rule one. Let me just elaborate slightly here.  Your subconscious mind does not distinguish between so called consent reality, dream and imagination. When you visualize yourself being confident your whole body reacts to it and shifts. Your body is run by your mind so whatever you think your body will respond to it accordingly on chemical level. When you enhance your visualization with clear picture of what it is that you want to be/do/have, feel how it feels, really feel it, smell and taste it even, your whole being thinks it’s already a reality. Imagine you’re eating an ice-cream or pizza, whatever works for you… see what I mean? You might even start to salivate.

* Remember to use present tense and positive statements, same as with affirmations, because subconscious mind takes everything literally! When you say I’m going to be rich it’s going to keep it in the future… you want it to happen now not in ten years though. Pay attention to your thoughts and words then! One more tip: remember to thank for it as it’s already done and say that it’s this or something better for your highest good!
Now you know how to place your order, let’s move on to the most important part of co-creation… this one is often left unspoken, yet it’s crucial for manifesting.

Allow it all happen and come to you… sounds easy… it has few aspects and requires practice

Non attachment – you have placed your order, now it’s your team mate’s turn – Source takes care of how and when…it’s not on your terms anymore, you need to stay aligned energetically with what you want (you speed up the process that way) yet be flexible with the outcome. If you want f.e. BMW 3 but get BMW 5 instead, would you argue? Remember statement: this or something better?

Stay open and positive and most importantly in vibrational match with what you’ve ordered! Say that the car you’re manifesting in its essence will give you a sense of security and stability. The more you vibrate security and stability the more you’re in alignment (energetic match) with what you wanted and the quicker you can get it

Know that it’s Source who is the source of ALL, also all abundance comes from It not from your employer, bank, parents or spouse… remember there’s no separation between you and Source… whatever you want you get (this applies to negative stuff as well!). Source doesn’t judge the order, just makes it come true.

Trust – this one for many people is a biggie. By letting go of the outcome and staying aligned you broadcast massage of trust and you’re simply saying to Source – take me there. You then sit comfortably in your boat and you take the intelligent river (Infinite) to take you where you want to go! This takes practice and self-observation, because the moment you doubt or feel fear or other negative emotion or you say something negative you turn and start rowing  against the current and you find yourself going in totally opposite direction from where you want to be! You then need to notice it and simply relax, let go, trust, come back to the alignment – this is enough to turn the boat into the right direction again, and you can continue your journey and let the river take care of you again. What happens when you start rowing and swim against the current? You create tension, you struggle and on an energetic level you create a block. You’re simply moving away from where you want to be. When you sit in the boat (put down your oars – that’s how you show trust!) and let the river take you. You’re in the state of grace or flow and the river takes you faster where you want to be! You still co-create that way – by allowing.

Know and feel that you deserve to live the life of your dreams. There’s no point to even start manifesting something when deep down you believe you are not worthy of it and you don’t deserve to have it… because that’s the energetic vibe you’re sending and that’s what you going to attract more of. First you need to remove blocks and feel yourself worthy of all the goodness and then you can have a go with co-creation.

* Keep it simple, light and clear and most of all have fun with it.
Manifesting is magical because it’s totally related to our essence, true self. It is a mirror in which you can see You and the power, beauty and magic that is woven into your soul.

Love & sparkly embrace
Magdalena Moryson
Skype: mdm_coach