A Spirit of Healing

The Essence Of Spiritual Life
Janet’s latest article for Sibyl Magazine (April-May 2012)

HAVE YOU EVER MET SOMEONE WITH A PRESENCE SO POSITIVE they seemed to vibrate with spiritual strength and love?

The first and only time I met Dr. Ralph White he was sitting at a table waiting to talk with me. As his eyes looked into my soul I knew he was preparing to speak directly with my soul. He reintroduced me to my childhood imaginary friend, letting me know she was an ascended master. I was shocked he knew about “Gently”, that he had a photograph of her and a story about her identity and his connection with her. My head spinning, I did not ask one question! Yet, a spiritual door opened and a new growth path was offered me. It took some time, but I began to walk my life path with open eyes and expanded awareness.

I am attempting to paint word pictures that illustrates the essence of the special individuals who come into our lives to awaken us. Understanding them and their inner peacefulness gives us a road map for our own journey.

• A Spiritual Presence comes from being so profoundly present in your body that you can feel the essence of life flow like a silken river within you, creating a vibration so high that most can sense it and some can see it.

• The individual is so emotionally attached to the living organism that is Earth that he or she intentionally exchanges love with Earth, accepting her gift of life sustaining energy, always remembering to return gratitude.

• They know that lightness of being is really experiencing the light of their own soul within their mind and body. They allow their soul to create their presence of being.

• Each is aware of his or her life’s mission and works daily to carry out that mission, which includes the ability to share love, trust and forgiveness.

• Their presence of being automatically messages their compassion and happiness. They enjoy life and approach life, and their enjoyment of it, seriously. They do not fight with life, recognizing its natural ups and downs. The events of life do not throw them off course.

• These special people partner with love to make Earth a place that is emotionally, spiritually, physically and intellectually safer. They realize that love is the essence of life and that life itself is not the focal point of living. They know that if the events of life are ruling them, they are not being Guided by Love.

• Each honors the Creator of All and embraces all the members of the brotherhood of life (Human, Animal, Vegetable, Mineral), realizing that the life of each member depends on preserving the chain of life.