As I Walk, I Am

My inspirational video, “As I Walk, I Am”, is based on the poem that opens my mindfulness-based book, Pathways to Wholeness (2010).


You can also find and download audio meditations here at MindfulPathways.  I’ve created them  as a way of sharing relaxation with everyone who stops by. Click here to sign up for the audio meditations.


Poem by Janet Nestor
Photography by Mack Miller
Music from



  • Janet, this is really a beautiful video. The words of your poem and the feel of it is just lovely. Mack’s pictures compliment it well. Great job by both of you!

  • Thank you so much Crystal. Mack’s phography is spectacular! The photos make the words come alive. I am glad you enjoyed our work.


  • I love this video…you are an amazing person and I am so glad to be back in touch with you! Mary-Margaret

    • I am very happy to be in contact with you. It is very exciting to re-connect. Saw the photos of you and your children on facebook.
      You have a beautiful family. With love and many, many smiles … Janet

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