Finding the Invisible Roots of Disease and Distress: Soul Detective Therapies

Barbara Stone’s book Transforming Fear Into Gold gives us a new look at healing mind,  emotions, and spirit using integrative and holistic methods, especially the Soul Detective protocols.

 Soul Detective protocols are therapeutic tools for therapists and energy healers to help clients heal the origins or “invisible roots” of their complex emotional wounds. Through connecting to the True Self and one’s own inner guidance, these tools empower a client to fulfill the soul’s mission in life and to joyfully express one’s gifts and talents to help bring personal and planetary peace and harmony.”   Barbara Stone, Ph.D

During the Soul Detective training, students work on each other to practice the protocols. They learn by experiencing the protocols as a client. My work with Barbara Stone deepened my spiritual journey by healing soul issues so deeply buried I didn’t even know I had them until the stress disappeared. The healing explained some of my childhood nightmares and visions associated with Egypt and the Egyptian god Ptah. I share part of my Soul Detective journey in chapter 42. In chapter 40, Dr. Stone shares part of the healing work she and a friend completed together. They were brothers who lived during the life and ministry of Yeshua, the Christ.

During my level two Soul Detective training, I experienced ancestral healing.  While experiencing the past life protocol during a demonstration, I learned I’d acted as a shaman for my terrorized tribe. For over one hundred years, my soul had held deceased tribal members together in a soul group. All the men, women, and children died of freezing temperatures and starvation while hiding in the snowy mountains during the Trail of Tears. They chose to honor their lives and their deaths by entering the afterlife as a group.  When Dr. Stone helped me help them go home to the light, I let go of a burden my soul had carried since the 1830s. My grandmother four generations back knew a shaman-like descendant would one day discover their presence and help them complete their journey.

What an eye-opening healing experience this was for me and the training group. We learned that in daily life and in the afterlife, we support and help each other complete our unfinished business and our life missions.

Because of all the suffering and chaos on our planet at this time, I asked Barbara Stone for permission to share the ending chapters to her book Transforming Fear Into Gold.  Soul Detective work is a new therapy, and many people don’t know this healing is available. Here is the link to help you find a Soul Detective in your area. Also, some of our practitioners have both online and in-office practices.

Your excerpt has four full chapters filled with samples of spiritual healing and Soul Detective healing work. It does not matter if you believe the contents of these chapters or not. The healing protocols work. The dialogue during therapy sessions opens up the possibility for the client to heal issues that had invisible roots that could not be reached with medication or traditional therapeutic treatment. Soul Detective work gives the client access to their deepest fears and emotional/spiritual wounds without re-traumatization. Each session ends positively. I find that this work gives people an opportunity to embrace their best, most powerful, most contented self.


A poem from Kahlil Gibran

Your joy is your sorrow unmasked.
And the self same well from which your laughter rises
was oftentimes filled with your tears.
And how else can it be?
The deeper that sorrow carves into your being,
the more you can contain.


Download four chapters for free:

Transforming Fear into Gold, Chapters 40-43

  • Chapter 40: Yeshua, the Avatar
  • Chapter 41: Connecting with the Whale Kingdom
  • Chapter 42: Connecting with Enki/Ea
  • Chapter 43: Transforming Fear Into Gold


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