Do Something

“If not me and you then who?”
~Matthew West

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling and doing a lot of flipping between radio stations trying to stay mentally occupied by listening to talk radio and music I enjoy. I stumbled onto Matthew West’s song Do Something and it touched me and awakened me. I put his YouTube video along with an amazing Do Something story within the post. I hope you’ll watch it.

Do Something: A Video by Matthew West

What will I do to change the world for the better? What issues or causes am I passionate about? Where am I called to lend a hand? What are my responsibilities to humanity? What is my responsibility to my Earth home; my beautiful green planet?

I am not sure I know the answers to the questions I’ve just asked, but I do know that I have to do more than I’m doing. We live in a fantastic world filled with amazingly wonderful people. Yet, there are so many of us living in spiritual, emotional, and physical pain. It is time to change the way we think, do business, educate our children, and form our relationships. The old ways no longer work.

Many schools in America have children trying to learn without enough food to eat or medicine for their illnesses. There are too many discarded children that are never adopted and are unable to find long term foster homes. There are millions of illiterate adults and children throughout the world. There are parents working two and three jobs just to put a modest roof over their family and food on the table. Homeless men, women, and children are on the street and in shelters feeling hopeless and helpless. There are teenagers wondering the streets because they’ve run away from abusive homes. Thousands of boys and girls are sold into sex slavery or other horrible situations. We experience crazy and senseless mass murders of school children, college students, and innocent people who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. We build nuclear power plants along beautiful rivers polluting our waterways. The world has millions of people without clean water to drink. We clear cut the rain forest or ancient old growth trees because some company sees an opportunity to make money and intentionally disregards the destruction of eco systems. Insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies are corrupted by greed and continually forget their original goals to serve humanity. Companies and governments continue to refuse to label GMO fruits and vegetables or packaged products that contain GMO ingredients. Wealthy people and special interest groups continue to buy elections rather than allow their fellow citizens to vote their hearts and minds. Dogs and cats die in kill shelters or we see them roaming the streets hungry, lost, and frightened. Our food animals are treated cruelly and others live confined in cages as research animals all their lives. Forest animals wonder into neighborhoods and eat out of dumpsters and garbage cans because we’ve cut down too many trees and taken away their homes and their food supply. The Arctic ice cap is melting. Our weather is drastically changing and becoming more unpredictable.

It is time to do something. It is time to speak up and show up for life. We each have a voice. But do we have the motivation?

Change starts in our homes and our home community: Be positive. Live consciously. Get to know your inner-self and what you need to feel happy, safe, and successful. Live from your heart. Hug your child, your sister, your brother, husband or wife. Be kind to strangers. Visit your elderly house-bound relatives. Open a door for the person next to you whose arms are overloaded. Help your neighbor when you see him or her struggling with a task that can’t be completed alone. Become a community volunteer. Become a foster parent. Adopt a handicapped child. Adopt a dog or a cat and save a life. Organize your community to increase public safety. Work diligently for a cause you believe in. Open your eyes and see truth, because the world cannot be a happy place until the individuals living in it are happy and content.

Let Us Rise to Our HumanityPrint
~A poem by Janet Gallagher Nestor

Let us rise to our humanity.
Let us rise to our possibilities.
Let us forgive and strive for a peaceful planet.
Let us raise our awareness and shine our light more brightly than ever before.
The needs of humanity and our world are changing.
Each of us is needed to create a new world paradigm.
Existing is not enough.
Ignoring the truth is impossible.
Let us rise up and create an enriched way of life.


  • I love both your post and the video, Janet! I’m inspired and while I don’t know where it shall lead me, I definitely can start by sharing this. Thank you, my friend.

  • Dear Christy, Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and for sharing the blog post. I am happy you enjoyed the post.

  • Dear Joan, Yes! Possibilities. We both certainly are together on this. I still have my joy blocks on my kitchen window sill. LOVE them. A great reminder of our joyous friendship!

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