Creating A Healing Temple: Spiritual and Energetic Self-Care When Undergoing Medical Care

True personal stories are powerful tools for learning and awakening. The stories inside my new co-written book Revolutionize Your Health teach us that healing can happen even on our death bed and can continue for the rest of our lives. Cornelia Merk and I are also collecting healing stores to share on our websites and on our Facebook page Revolutionize Your Health Group page. Today, I am sharing a story by Debra Brown Gordy, a marriage and family therapist, energy psychologist and founder of Sophia Women’s Institute. She shares what she learned after major surgery and treatment for a serious illness.

Debra’s article:

After undergoing surgery and follow up medical treatments in the past, I learned firsthand about the importance of clearing and protecting the space where medical care takes place and protecting and healing spiritually and energetically after such procedures.

An Energy Psychology therapist can assist you with the following:

Because trauma occurs in hospitals and clinics and disembodied spirits may be there, it is important to spiritually and energetically clear and protect the space where you will receive care before undergoing any surgery or procedures.  I found the following to be very helpful:

  • If possible, spend time in nature beforehand.
  • Center and ground yourself ahead of time.
  • Before you arrive, spiritually and energetically clear all the rooms you will be in, including the entrance, lobbies, waiting areas, surgical suites, and hospital and exam rooms of any negative energy or forces, etc. Include equipment used, exam chairs, beds, etc.  Also ask that your care providers be similarly cleansed from any negative energies or forces.
  • Once you are there, either yourself or someone in your behalf can use a spray bottle with water and your favorite essential oil space clearing and sanctifying blend to spray around the room where you will be examined. You may want to check ahead of time to see if this will be acceptable.
  • Prior to arriving at the hospital or clinic, call in a stairway to the rainbow bridge to the other side by the entrance to the building. Ask that guide angels be stationed by the stairway and throughout the building to guide and escort any disembodied spirits that may have been stuck on the earth plane and ready to cross over to the stairway.  Many will choose to do so.
  • Call in an octahedron of light over the facility, over yourself and family members, and over all involved in your care. Ask for your angels and guides to be present with you, your family and care providers throughout the entire experience.  Ask for protection during and after the procedure.  Ask that your care providers be guided by your heavenly team and your spiritual physicians on the other side.  Ask that the care that you will receive will be shielded from any influence of dark forces or negative forces and that the entire space and experience be set as a healing temple for your care during your time there.


  • Once you return home follow these same steps to cleanse and protect your home, yourself and your loved ones.
  • Be mindful and intentional about whom you interact with and whom you receive as visitors during and after your surgery and healing process. Maintain your healing temple by protecting your space, and repeating these steps after visitors come
  • After any surgery or procedure that opens your energy body, it is important to remove any cords that were left within your body, and repair and restore your energy field and meridians. Remove the cords fully and completely and send the cords into the light for transmutation.  Repair the breaks and openings in your energy body and reconnect your meridians.  Pay special attention to your Conception Vessel running up the midline of your body.
  • Meditate daily. Fill your home with beautiful, healing, uplifting music.


  • Before follow up exams or treatment, follow the steps to cleanse and protect the space, equipment and supplies and all care providers you will see. Ask your care providers to follow the massage therapy practice and rinse their hands in cold water before putting on exam gloves.
  • After exams and treatments are over, remove any negative energies or cords that you may have become affected by through the experience.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           “I found these spiritual and energetic self-care practices very empowering in taking charge of my own healing process and creating an optimal environment of a healing temple for graceful, loving and peaceful recovery and full restoration of well-being.”


Debra Brown Gordy, MS MRET
The Sophia Women’s Institute