7 Ways to Get Happy!

Meet Guest Blogger and book launch partner Jennifer Alhasa.  Thank you Jennifer for this amazing information to help us get happy.  I am on board the happy train!  I hope you hitch up and join in the fun!

true loveJennifer says: “I’m an Intuitive & Empathic Indigo, lighting the way for your Divine life! Connecting to Source, I activate the innate ability of the human spirit to remember and revive spiritually, emotionally and physically through Energy Healing. I developed, use and teach my own approach to transformation called TRUE YOU discovery. It’s empowerment coaching and so much more! And, with a variety of Doreen Virtue’s decks on hand, I do Angel Card Readings for blessed assurance in all aspects of life. Come awaken with me! It’s time, you’re worth it and we want your GLOW!”

7 Ways to Get Happy!

  1. Meditate. While this can sound intimidating and scary, it’s really quite simple: Sit, be still and see what shows up! If playing mood music, buying the right cushion and setting up structure ensures your success, GO FOR IT! Whatever it takes to get you off the computer, away from the phone and on the seat of your soul, then do it! I recommend book-ending your day with 20 minutes to start, but again, it’s ALL FABULOUS!
  2. Follow Your Joy! Now more than ever, it’s time to make your heart sing, your bells ring and your spirit soar. Stop “should-ing” yourself into unfun activities (and relationships!) out of obligation, shame and playing the blame game. Let go of guilt and do what FEELS GOOD!!! If you’re looking for work, add this to your list of non-negotiables for less grind and more glow! Joy is life’s way of saying, “You’re on the right track” and “Keep going this way!” Woohoo!
  3. Be YOU! That’s right, big, bold, beautiful YOU is invited to the party and we’re ready to see him/her shine! Untuck your personality and get it ALL out for the world to see! If someone doesn’t like it, TOO BAD! Stop worrying about what others think and tune into how YOU feel! (See #2 and to find this YOU!) As our Earth evolves, authenticity is your #1 gift to give! Shine that light and empower a shift in us all!
  4. Go with the flow! The more you say “YES” to what is, the more peace you’ll create in your life. Let go of expectations, outcomes and mind-maps that tell you what’s “supposed to happen” in your world (and certainly someone else’s!) Stop pushing the river; turn over and float. Be one with the ocean and ride her waves! If something leaves, let it fall away! If a door won’t open, find one that will. If you miss a train, it wasn’t really yours, now was it? Practice loving what is and watch everything amaze you!
  5. Move. You’ve got a body, now use it! Walk, run, swing or swim your way to sparkling! Salsa, meringue, and tango it up or downward dog to shavasana if that’s your style! Whatever gets your blood pumping and your butt bouncing, do it! Wake it, shake it and make it GLOW! You’ll not only feel amazing but you’ll look great too! Not a shabby side effect, eh?
  6. Get the good stuff! Take a look at your diet and see how you’re treating your temple. Are you drinking enough water, eating your veggies and making more whole choices? Each of us comes with an ideal diet and they’re not one size fits all for sure! Listen to YOUR body and give it more of what moves though you with ease! At the same time, keep a treat or two on hand because life’s short and sometimes food really does equal love!
  7. Love & then love some more! Like the Beatles sang it, “All you need is love!” But, rather than looking for it out there, let it start in your heart. Picture the face of someone you love unconditionally – like a cute kid or a furry friend – and feel the space it creates! Take that wonderful warmth and let it spread to yourself, to your spouse, to your neighbors and to our world. Smile at strangers and look thorough the eyes of love! Soon, you’ll see, that me = WE!

Enjoy the new pep in your step!

How to find Jennifer On-line:
http://jenniferalhasa.com/ (blog/website)


  • I enjoyed the article about happiness, and 7 is my number! Thanks for sharing Jennifer, and it’s nice to meet another Indigo! We are the change bringers and system crushers. I’m following you on Twitter, and subscribed your site. Keep in touch from now on, right? 🙂

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