This article first appeared in Sibyl Magazine, February-March 2012 issue.  I thought you might enjoy reading it too.  

EACH NEW YEAR WE ARE REBORN. The slate is clean. You choose the canvas, the medium, the brush and you’ll paint 2012 with your own colors. The result of your art, the final product, is up to you.

You build your new year one brush stroke, one thought at a time. Regardless of your past history, regardless of the problems you face today, your finances and the quality of your life, you choose how you live your life. You choose the thoughts you think, the beliefs you live by and the actions you take regarding your thoughts and beliefs.

Who I spend time with is up to me. I choose to keep my life positive, forming my inner circle with positive people I love and trust. I choose to live in unity with my loving spiritual family. I enjoy receiving support and wisdom from them, learning something new almost every day. I choose to do the work I am asked to do, remembering to ask them “What do you need from me today?”

My meditation takes many forms, and I often interact with my spiritual family in informal ways. As I opened my eyes this morning, talking with my family, I was reminded it was time to write this article, and I was given the opening words. I walked directly to my computer, because I knew the words would not stay with me for very long, they were intended for now. As the day goes on I might be with them in formal meditation. At the office, I’ll consciously chat with them to ask a question or say thank you. They may touch base with me, telling a little joke to lighten a tense moment. They are as much a part of me as my husband, daughters and grandchildren.

The concept of family is the same whether physical or spiritual in nature. The key words for positive, conscious contact with spiritual family are love, mutual support, trust, and unity. If you choose to know your spiritual family, they will make themselves known to you and be present for you in a way you can accept. They are as real as your breath, and are with you whether you are aware of their presence or not. It is up to you to determine how much conscious time you spend with them. When asked, they teach you whatever you need to learn. My lessens have been confidence and trust, understanding the concept of limitlessness and fully embracing the importance of positive thought. My positive thought instruction continues every day, yet it is up to me to think the positive thoughts that bring positive outcomes into being.

How are you Re-birthing in 2012?  If you can think it and trust, it will be.

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