Guest post by Gena Livings

Please welcome my friend, Gena Livings, as she introduces her creative, soulful art to the world. I’m honored to have one of her inspirational creations in an upcoming republication of my book Pathways to Wholeness. You can peek at her Living Art Gallery at Living My Art – In Living Color! by Gena Livings For as long as I … Continue reading

Introducing Goodness Abounds!

It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed and disheartened these days, especially when you watch the news or scroll through social media sites and see so much negativity and divisiveness. However, if we continue to look, we find so many positive stories, videos, websites, and blogs that are dedicated to spreading love and positivity. This blog is one of those positive … Continue reading

Me Too

If you have spent time on social media over the last week or so, I know you’ve seen the Me Too posts that are an attempt to make the public more aware of the millions of women and girls who have been and are currently being sexually assaulted, harassed and abused. Rightfully so as another case of sexual harassment and … Continue reading

An Interview with Raising Sunrays host Robyn Ringgold

Recently I was interviewed by Robyn Ringgold at Raising SunRays (click here to watch), a webcast for families preparing to have children and parents of children of all ages, even grandparents welcoming their grandchildren into the world. This interview was quite an honor for me because it allowed me to showcase my Spirit Art – in particular, the drawings and … Continue reading

Inspired Living Giveaway

Exciting news! The soul-inspiring giveaway for WOMEN is open! This is a special post to let you know that you are invited to Inspired Living’s 6th annual giveaway for women. I’m participating, and I’m offering a 60-minute Soul Detective Session, which if I do say so myself, is quite a deal if you are interested in self-exploration and personal growth. … Continue reading