Soul Detective Training 2015

Invisible Roots

My friend and mentor, Barbara Stone, PhD, is scheduled to teach Level One and Level Two Soul Detective Training Classes in Raleigh, NC, during March 2015. The class is open to mental health professionals and adjunct healing professionals: yoga therapists and teachers, massage therapists, energy psychologists and energy healers, ministers and pastoral counselors, health coaches, doctors, physician assistants, naturopathic physicians, … Continue reading


FINALLY: Awareness that Heals

Woo hoo! Just off the press, the book cover for FINALLY: Awareness that Heals I am excited. A two year project with co-author Connie Merk is coming to a close with the publication of our new book scheduled for November / December 2014. (Keep your fingers crossed for us so everything goes right and the book makes the proposed date). … Continue reading

Do Something

“If not me and you then who?” ~Matthew West I’ve been doing a lot of traveling and doing a lot of flipping between radio stations trying to stay mentally occupied by listening to talk radio and music I enjoy. I stumbled onto Matthew West’s song Do Something and it touched me and awakened me. I put his YouTube video along … Continue reading