Olive Leaf

Yeshua: 100 Meaningful Messages for Messengers is about to be published. It is due out in the next few weeks, with the release date not yet announced. Yeshua asked that the book be spread by word of mouth, so there will be no formal book release. I’m depending on those of you who are touched by his 100 personal stories … Continue reading

I Am Divinely Made

Flower of life

Who are we? The whole universe comes from him and his life burns through the whole universe. In his power is the majesty of thunder. Those who know him have found immortality. (From Katha Upanishad, part 6) And then the Lord God formed man from just the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life: and man became … Continue reading

I Am Content

I am content

My personal definition of contentment is internal peacefulness that includes happiness and joy. Writing a blog post about living a content life is a challenging assignment because there are very few people who can say they are content with their life. My own level of contentment ebbs and flows according to the quality of my spiritual practice. My goal is … Continue reading