For Humanity It is necessary to love yourself before you can love life. It is necessary to love life before you can feel successful. It is necessary to feel successful before it is possible to feel contentment. For all other life In order for me to stay alive and preserve my species, it is necessary for humanity to live with … Continue reading

Family and True Love

In the book, Yeshua: 100 Meaningful Messages for Messengers, Message 10 defines the various kinds of love. The Love of Creation is defined as: “This love is innocent. There are no strings attached. It wants nothing from you other than your knowledge that it exists, and this is where you come from, and where you will return.” In several messages … Continue reading

Maitri and Feelings

We all have feelings. It is what we do with them that is key to our satisfaction with life. Maitri is an ancient Sanskrit word that refers to self-compassion, unconditional friendship and acceptance of oneself. Maitri brings with it the basic understanding needed to find true happiness and joy. When living within the concept of Maitri, we see the world … Continue reading


Our inner environment, our inner-being, is our positive, ever-replenishing inner oasis. It is built into every human body and it is our experience of soul. It is the part of us that gentles and enriches our outer life. Our outer environment is separate from our physical body. It is both the Natural World of Mother Nature and that which is … Continue reading


creation solar system

You and I are a part of creation. We are a part of the profusion of life that populates and beautifies planet Earth. Mother Nature cares for all of us, making sure we have what we need to live and thrive within the ecosystem of our planet. She does this for all species – not just the human species. The … Continue reading