Rejuvenate your spirit with the sounds of the archangels with Charleene Closshey

Dear Friends,

The holiday season can be one of those intense times, when many of us can feel both weighed down with overwhelm and elevated with joy. 

What if certain melodies could be the key to rejuvenating your spirit and helping you cultivate balance during this busy time of year? 

Imagine if every breath you take could synchronize with the season and provide you with the understanding that, without a doubt, divine support is but a breath away?

Charleene Closshey, an award-winning composer and energy healer teaches that each season has its own unique vibration, or frequency… and you can find the “tonality of the season” through accessible energy practices that — when combined with a specific frequency — can help you powerfully align and alchemize your life. 

Join Charleene on November 2 for an illuminating hour, where she’ll guide you through a nourishing heart-brain balancing session, combining the calming effects of 19 quartz crystal singing bowls tuned to 432 hertz — a frequency that has been proven to enhance relaxation and mood — with guided meditation and breathwork. 

You’ll emerge with your heart expanded, feeling grounded and clear-minded, and equipped with a valuable technique to aid you on your mindfulness journey.

You’ll also learn about the specific archangel tied to each season, and explore practical ways to tap into their support and guidance with breathwork — enhancing your sense of peace, support, and stability for the particular frequencies of each time of year.

You can register here for Rejuvenate Your Spirit With Sounds of the Archangels: Experience Crystal Singing Bowl Healings for Each of the 4 Seasons to Alchemize Your Emotions:

In this enlivening online event, you’ll:

  • Discover the ideal breathing technique for each season, and realize that self-regulation is just a breath away — anchoring yourself to the present and harmonizing your body’s rhythms
  • Experience a nourishing heart-brain balancing session to open your heart and ground your energy
  • Connect with seasonal archangels, drawing upon their divine guidance and support
  • Pave the way for healing, creativity, and manifestation through musical intervals that lay the foundation for the Archetypes of Sound™, embracing the philosophy that “in relationships, depth matters”
  • Harness the energies of your favorite music to generate more flow — from current hits to classic vinyl

You can RSVP for free here:

Warm Regards,

Janet Nestor, MA LCMHC DCEP 

P.S. In Rejuvenate Your Spirit With Sounds of the Archangels: Experience Crystal Singing Bowl Healings for Each of the 4 Seasons to Alchemize Your Emotions with Charleene Closshey

… you’ll explore where ancient sound techniques meet modern science to help you cultivate emotional balance and healing during the holiday season using crystal singing bowls and your own breath.

We hope you’re able to catch the event as scheduled. But if you register and miss it, you’ll receive a downloadable recording as soon as it’s available: