What’s Your Message

A fantastic collaborative book was born yesterday:365 Soulful Messages: The Right Message at the Right Time.  I have four short stories inside, and I want to share one of them with you, I hope it will inspire you to read the whole book!  Our book has over 200 authors all telling authentic soulful messages and is now an Amazon Best Seller in several categories!  You can order your copy of the book at this address!

365 Soulful Messages

Thank you to the publishers and editors Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck. It is always a pleasure to work with you.


What’s Your Message?

As a whole, human beings honor the teachings of great spiritual leaders and embrace their heart-filled messages. We read books and articles about their lives, and their wisdom becomes part of our culture.

However, messages don’t just come from spiritual masters, they also come from the everyday person. They flow from the media, social institutions, friends, family, and spirit. They come to us in dreams. We are awestruck by an inspirational cloud formation, touched by a movie plot, or find meaning in the words of a song. Inspiration arrives through a stranger’s smile or a surprise meeting with an old friend. Each message is important.

My life turned out much better than it might have because I received important messages from a special uncle, a 9th-grade teacher, and my great grandmother who gave me permission to use my insight and intuition. Please know that you are a messenger too. You deliver messages every day, and it is unlikely that you know you’ve delivered them. Any choice you make and any action you take has meaning to someone. You impact many lives.  Your presence is your strongest message

Did you ever think the homeless man begging at the stoplight might be a messenger sent to raise awareness of human suffering? Do you recognize that the activists working for human rights are messengers? Did you ever think of your local animal rescue group as a messenger?

Our children bring hope for a kinder world. Their presence guides us and often opens our eyes to new ideas and beliefs. Their messages often bring about important social change. Likewise, we as their messengers have the responsibility to inspire and motivate them to become their best selves. The family we create, loving and supportive or chaotic and dysfunctional, shapes the ideas, beliefs, social views, and life-skills of its members. It impacts the worth, confidence, and worldview of the youngest generation.

Allow your presence to become your best message and your love your most precious gift. It is your love and your loving presence that will change the world for the better.