We are all teachers. We are all messengers.

What I know now that I once did not know is that we are all teachers and we are all messengers. Listening while Yeshua dictated his book taught me this very valuable lesson. Every single person alive has a specific message to deliver to one person, to a family, or perhaps even to the world. Yeshua: One Hundred Meaningful Messages for Messengers

Each of us was born into our family for a well-planned reason, and each of us has agreed on an action plan for our life span. Maybe we have something specific to learn. Possibly we are where we are in place and time to help someone else along their soul journey. Perhaps we are where we are, with our birth family, for a larger mission. Perhaps there is a need for us to grow up and become a world class politician or a magnificent musician, and we need this particular family and their special faults, talents, and skills to accomplish our mission. Perhaps our smile is the lamp that lights the way; our smile our message. Maybe our birth to parents who were told they could never birth a child is our message.

We see in a very narrow way when we see a homeless man on the same street corner week after week. We might wonder about his history and what brought him to his present circumstance. We might even offer him help with food or warm clothing from time to time, or make sure he has a place to sleep on cold, rainy nights. Some of us see this homeless man as a bum. Some of see him as a burnt out old druggie who deserves his circumstance. Some of us see him as a nice man down on his luck. Some of us see him for what he truly is; a man with a message and a mission to complete. We just don’t know the message he is to deliver or the lesson he is to teach. But, he has a message. And, he has a lesson to teach. Maybe his presence is a visual lesson for those who can see, respond, and create cultural change?

When you think back on your life, can you identify your best teachers? We might think we know the answer to that question, but we probably have no idea – and that includes me. I used to think I didn’t get what I needed growing up. I felt like a victim for a very long time. Now I see things differently. I know I was given just what I needed to grow into the person that I am now. We make the best choices we know how to make at the time we make them. As Mya Angelou said, “You did the best you knew how. Now that you know better, you’ll do better.”

Doing better may have changed the outcome of our lives, but we didn’t know better. Learning is a process. Within the process we make mistakes, suffer, get hurt, and hurt others. When we realize this, we can also let go and forgive ourselves and others. If I make a mistake and am forgiven, then I also must forgive. Forgiveness is a gift – a big gift that heals not only your own soul, but the soul of all others who have been touched by your forgiveness.

Know that you are a messenger and teacher to others.

Know that every person you meet in your day to day life, on the internet, on the street, at the grocery store, is also a messenger and a teacher.

We are truly here for each other. We come in groups, live in groups, and heal within groups. Just think of the possibilities we share together. They are limitless. And so are you and I limitless. We have no ceiling of achievement. No limit to what we can achieve in this lifetime. No limit to what we can learn. No limit as to what we can give. None at all.