“Janet Nestor has written a beautiful new book called Pathways to Wholeness. This book is full of information and yet is a beautiful read as she combines practical wisdom with beautiful ideals. I particularly liked her focus on Virtues which are part of Love- and how to combine virtues with affirmations along with In Breaths and Out Breaths. If you desire a holistic approach to life- you will cherish this book. She is able to take complex principles and present them simply and beautifully in a way that anyone can understand. I highly recommend this book.”

Sheri Kaye Hoff, Life Coach, Author

“Many books talk about the benefits of meditation and presence, but remain in the realm of ideas. Reading this book made the principles I already knew in my head jump out and materialize in my daily life. My walk down to the lake to swim turned from being a chore I went through to get to the beach into a multi-dimensional experience of feeling the pavement beneath my feet, listening to the bird sounds, smelling the forest, and noticing the sunlight filtering through the trees. Combining theory, personal experience, poetry, and photography, this beautiful little book makes mindfulness REAL! The author fleshes out the practices in clear language with meaningful examples and ways a person can put into practice immediately. One special gem in the book is the simple Radiant Energies Balance Self-Help Posture one can use to balance the nervous system and produce a deep sense of peace and relaxation.”

Barbara Stone, PhD, author of Invisible Roots: How Healing Past Life Trauma Can Liberate Your Present


“Janet’s brilliance, gentleness and thoughtfulness are apparent in her writing. The book carries the reader to a place of peacefulness by reminding us that we are whole, with the capacity to bring ourselves into alignment with perfect wisdom. The powerful exercises remind us to be present and mindful to ourselves and others.”

Crystal Lynn Miller, M.A, Life Coach, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner

“Exquisitely peaceful in and of itself, distilled as the best of poetry is, to essence, Janet Nestor has created a haiku-like presentation of all the world’s greatest wisdoms in the slender handbook Pathways to Wholeness.  This guide is generously personal, poetically practical, sublimely simple.  Even before you begin to practice the exercises within its pages, just in the reading of this jewel of compassionate witness, you feel the journey begin, your own journey toward ‘the perfect center we all have that is wise, healthy, joyous, peaceful.’  Thank you, Janet, for everything.”


“I find Pathways to Wholeness one of those books to keep on my night stand for quite some time. It is a resource book to me and a good reminder of simple ways to relieve stress and ground myself. Janet has this gentle way of guiding us to wholeness with her truthful voice throughout the pages of this book. I really enjoy the excercises, easy to follow, understand and implement when needed.”

Lynda J. Rountree, Massage Therapist

“In this day and age of instant gratification most of us are looking for a quick fix. It could mean surgery or pills to lose weight or a stimulant to feel better.  If we are troubled by something that has happened or is happening we tend to avoid the concept of working through it.  We want it finished, over and done with so we can move on. Janet reaffirms to us that healing is a process.  What she offers are tools to make the journey more bearable.  Through her exercises, insights and writings we are able to make sense of our burdens and anxieties. She reminds us that we need to treat ourselves with respect.  Our bodies and minds need positive re-enforcement and she shows us how to create for ourselves a calm internal environment to begin our journey of healing and understanding.  Meditation and visualization are key concepts she teaches, so even in this fast paced environment in which we live we are able to achieve a calm realization that helps us on our individual journeys.”

Melinda Truitt-Reinheimer, author of the Little Blue Kite Series and The Christmas Tea

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