Nurturing Wellness Through Radical Self-Care

Nurturing Wellness is now a living, breathing book!  Take a look at the trailer and then take a look at page 202 below.  It is a check list of personal accomplishments you can expect to achieve when you read the book and participate in the easy to follow life-balancing program.  Are you in?

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From page 202 of Nurturing Wellness through Radical Self-Care:

You have successfully completed your 12-week Nurturing Wellness Through Radical Self-Care Program.

Take a look at what you have accomplished!
You have increased your emotional self-care skills:
1. Balanced autonomic nervous system
2. Self acceptance
3. A balanced self-care routine
4. Awareness of personal gratitude and joy
5. Strategies for increasing positive thought
6. REB Posture and the Relaxation Response
7. REB and Affirmations for Emotional Release
8. Harmony Mind-Body Energetic Exercise
9. Mindful Meditation
10. Managing and releasing daily stressors
11. Daily inclusion of fun and laughter

You have become a healthier person through:
1. Now-focused living
2. Greater understanding of how to live a balanced life
3. Developing a mindfulness lifestyle
4. Increasing your personal awareness
5. Increased development of positive thought
6. Increased positive self-talk
7. Increasing self-knowledge
8. Participating in physical, emotional, and spiritual exercise
9. More fully embracing your personal power

You have improved your Spiritual Self-Care:
1. Recognition of the spiritual nature all of human beings
2. Acknowledging the possibility of personal spiritual communication
3. Increasing your self-awareness and self-insight
4. Understanding the very real connection between mind–body–spirit
5. Journaling
6. Meditation and deep relaxation
7. Embracing fun and laughter
8. Increasing positive thought
9. Connecting your Radiant Circuits through the REB posture