I Am Deserving of My Success

success starts hereWe all deserve success. However, we all don’t know that we do. Some of us get stuck in the struggle and believe that we don’t have options. We always have options. Struggling is a state of mind, and we can change our state of mind even when we’d rather the problem just go away. Perhaps it is easier not to do our growth work at times, but in the end our personal work is essential to ending the pain of the roller-coaster ride of a disconnected life.

We are deserving of happiness, hopefulness, loving relationships, a life of nurturing wellness, a mind filled with loving thoughts, a heart full of love, a life experience that is unique and bountiful, a life of connection with our true self and connection to the positive energy of creation. This connection is not a religious connection. It is a heart connection to the energy that created all that exists. It is an emotional-spiritual journey home to self.

Your inner spark, this unconditional love, connects you to source energy, and it connects us with each other and every single living thing on the planet. We are truly one in origin. We are one humanity. We are one with the web of life on planet Earth. Beyond that, we are one with creation.

Success for one of us is success for mankind. Each time one of us finds our true and authentic self, we not only help ourselves, but we help all life on the planet, and Mother Earth. This is not our motivation for self-growth. It is the result.

We can only make this journey one step at a time, one person at a time. Each journey is unique and precious, and of the greatest importance. We need our own permission to make this journey. Our permission to journey allows greater insight, higher levels of consciousness, more happiness, increased contentment, and expanded happiness and joy,

My book, Nurturing Wellness through Radical Self-Care: A Living in Balance Guide and Workbook is about this journey. The guides for your journey are Mindfulness, Mindfulness Mediation, Energy Psychology, Positive Affirmation and Positive Thought. These man-made strategies help you find the love that lives within you. The structural help within the workbook helps you raise your level of insight about your life. Once that insight is clear and present for you, you are free to make the changes you need in order to live the life you choose. There are so many miraculous things available to each of us.

On page 202 of Nurturing Wellness through Radical Self-Care is a list of the positive changes that are possible when using this 12 week program. It is a good list to browse through because it gives you an idea of the person you can be – the person you were born to be.

Sometimes our “life school” is filled with emotional struggles and personal challenges for us to overcome. The learning we do in order to overcome is strengthening and empowering. When we remember we are not our problems, we are not our struggles, we are not our emotional pain, we are not the alienation and loneliness we often feel, we have begun a rewarding journey toward wholeness.

Each step we take toward wholeness is our success. Learning that life is a process is success. Learning to trust ourselves more deeply is success. Learning to open our hearts and minds to the love that is available to us is our greatest success.

You deserve your success! You are worthy because you are alive and part of the web of life on this planet. Your birth, no matter what the circumstances, gives you permission to live fully, happily, and successfully.

I wish you love of self, love of life, love within nurturing relationships, and the love of positive connection to the love that lives within you through the miracles of creation.


  • What an excellent list of what we deserve as a heart connection. Once we believe we deserve to live our best life and share it with others, we have wings to fly! 🙂

    • Hi Debra,
      You are so right. A heart connection is our birthright! I appreciate your comment.
      I love your website. Beautiful and Inspiring.

  • I love this article! I was hooked from inner spark and connection. So important and real! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

    • Hi Kimberley,
      Bless you! Your comment inspires me, and warms my heart.


  • Janet,
    Your work was a guiding light during a very dark, difficult time in my life. Thank you so much for being you and sharing your journey, strength and hope.

    Eugene Mobley

    • Hi Eugene,
      It makes me happy to know that our work together was beneficial. You are a joy, and were a joy to work with.


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