How To Live Your Life Without Regrets

Welcome Guest Blogger and book launch partner Beverley Glazer. Thank you Beverley for sharing your wisdom with us today.

Beverley Glazer is an addiction specialist with a successful office and online practice, as well as over 25yrs experience in the mental health field.  She is a passionate participant and enthusiastic student of life and the rewards and challenges that come with it. She feels privileged to be capable of helping others find solutions to overcome all addictive behaviors, codependency, food, relationship and family issues.  Her humor, positive attitude and unique slant on life earned her the privilege of hosting her own radio show  “Get a Life with Beverley Glazer” for 5yrs.  She is a committed believer in the mind/body connection and practices what she preaches.  Her mission is to help others overcome negative thinking, receive empowerment and live the life-style and happiness they deserve. 

How To Live Your Life Without Regrets

Guest post by Beverly Glazer

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There’s no reason not to follow your heart” ~ Steve Jobs

If today was the last day of your life would you have regrets? I know that I would, but we can’t undo what’s already done. The important thing to remember is that the past has past. What’s done is done and feeling guilty won’t change anything.

Guilt makes you feel badly, but it serves no purpose, because it doesn’t change the situation. To do anything productive, you have to move forward. Remember the past, so you don’t repeat it, regret what was done ~ but no guilt.

When we feel regret, we think of what we ‘should’ have, ‘could’ have or ‘might’ have done. We reflect, wishing we had done things differently –but wishing changes nothing. We must take action, to make changes. So lets look at some behaviors so that you can move your life forward and live a guilt free, powerful, positive life, without regret.

These behaviors will sabotage your success:

1) Procrastinating:  It’s so easy to put things off. We make excuses and lie to ourselves. We tell ourselves, tomorrow, later, another time — and we actually believe what we say. The fact is, we don’t have that much time, so if you feel that there’s something important to you, don’t put it off. Make that call, do that job, say what you’ve thought you should be saying. Don’t let things accumulate and fester in your mind.  There are no excuses and saying that you’ll do it ‘one day’ will never happen. There is no ‘one day’ ‘Oneday’ is not a day of the week. Commit yourself, find the time and get on with it.

2) Complaining: Finding fault and playing the victim will only make you more miserable. So why complain? Accept the reality. You may not like it, but that’s what you have. Dealing with issues is positive and productive. Negativity affects you as well as the others around you.  You are not a victim unless you choose to be.

3) Comparing: Stop comparing yourself, your life or your loved ones with anyone else’s. This is your life, and that’s what you have. Life is not a competition, however, when you accept what you have and appreciate what you’ve got, you always end up a winner.

4) Wishing:  Anything is possible if you make it happen, but change is highly unlikely simply by wishing for it. So, if you were the good fairy, what wish would you like to grant yourself ~ lose weight, go back to school, have more friends? Be your own ‘wish fairy’ and make it happen. Get out of your comfort zone and get into action. Join a program, find a coach, do something positive in the right direction. It’s never too late and your never too old. Don’t let excuses or rejection stand in the way of your personal growth.

5) Fearing:  Embarrassment, failure, ignorance, etc prevents us from ‘trying’ to do anything in the first place. And, we can always find an excuse, which camouflages the real reason – fear. We don’t know unless we try, so don’t allow the fear of ‘the unknown’ prevent you from doing what you really want to do.

The one common theme of these five behaviors is to ‘DO’ it. If it speaks to you in your heart, don’t let your mind dissuade you. Whatever it is that you feel you should do, you must do it. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Don’t be afraid of the judgment of others and don’t pass judgment on yourself. Find inspiration from others, from mentors, from books, from coaches, from positive people. Stay motivated and focused on your goal, but it’s the journey, not the goal that matters. As you travel on your road you’ll be rewarded with piece of mind and in the process, you’ll be living a life without regrets.

Who inspires you? Who motivates you? What keeps you staying positive?