Holistic Awareness is a choice and a way of life. It is present moment living that allows connection and awareness of our body, mind, emotions, our energy field and flow, our spirit, and our environment. Holistic Awareness is a way to feel vital and alive – to feel free and limitless – to find contentment.

Holistic awareness is not a mental activity, yet we have a better perception. There is a greater awareness and ability to use the information provided through our sense of touch, smell, sight, sound, and taste. Holistic awareness allows us to “talk” with our body and sense into our environment. It enriches our self-knowledge, self-understanding and allows interaction with our inner nature and the nature of creation.

Awareness and Childhood

As children, most of us need not be taught how to stay in touch with our own inner nature.
We are born connected to ourselves and the divine. We have present moment holistic awareness and instinctively know when we are hungry, sleepy, when our diaper needs changing, and when we are uncomfortable in our environment. We sense who loves us and we develop a connection with them that includes trust. But our culture expects us to learn certain things and most of them lead us away from our most precious gifts.

As we grow older, we are urged to wait a minute or deny our needs. We are asked to repress our hunger until a certain time, to sit still when we need to move, or eat when we are not hungry or sleep when we are not tired. Some of us have been urged to accept someone (caregiver or family member) who frightens us. Because our instincts are not honored on a regular basis, we learn not to trust them. Gradually we learn to live in our heads and from our thoughts.

Our Return to Awareness

A growing holistic awareness is essential to our well-being, and it is the key to our personal growth and our physical and emotional healing. It is how we learn to connect to our own divinity and the universal wisdom that makes everything possible. As adults, we have to overcome our lifelong conditioning and learn to trust the messages that constantly come from our body and environment. We even have to learn to trust our own divine nature.

The moment our holistic journey begins, we change the way we perceive ourselves and the way we perceive life and the world. As our awareness blossoms we slowly (or suddenly in an ah-ha moment) notice the hidden parts of our inner being and the realities of mother nature and our communities. The journey provides opportunities for us to know and understand our beliefs, our emotions, our memories (good and bad), and ask the most fundamental question: Why am I here now, with this family, with this job, with these life issues, with this body I’m not totally satisfied with, and with the health issues that plague my life or the life of someone I love.

Practical Ways of Choosing Awareness

Many of us choose holistic awareness and want to begin a spiritual journey, but we don’t know how. But we can seek answers and join groups like #SpiritChat. Here are four suggestions that might enrich your journey.

  1. Become aware that you are becoming aware; learn to be a witness of your own actions and thoughts. Self evaluate without judgment or criticism. Allow your perception to expand.
  2. Accept your life as it is now. Acceptance is the beginning of all change.
  3. Realize that you are limitless and free and that you have choices and the ability to positively change your life.
  4. Allow your mind to become peaceful, quiet, still, and unencumbered through meditation, spending time in nature, or sitting in silent contemplation. The result will be a reality-based communication and an increased sense of being part of the world around you.


Author’s Note: This post is adapted from Revolutionize Your Health, a new book I co-authored with Cornelia Merk. The book is a seven-year collaboration that is filled with lots of researched information, deep soul searching, and personal stories from ourselves and others. It is interesting to know that Connie and I have never met in person. Social Media and fate brought us together in 2012. On that first phone call we were so synergistic that we agreed to merge our previous writing into what we thought would be an eBook. That eBook turned into chapters, we hired an editor, and a new book was born. Our book launches on January 22, 2019.