A SPIRIT OF HEALING – Living In Balance

(Published in the April/May issue of Sybil Magazine)

TO MAKE SENSE OF OUR FAST PACED WORLD and our hectic lives we need emotional balance.  With balance comes a  kinder more flexible life.  When our inner environment is balanced we are free to enjoy ourselves and accomplish our goals.  Without balance, we feel frustrated and hopeless, wondering how to survive life’s rat race.  The Creative Source supplies us with all we need, including the skills and wisdom to live in balance.  Balance is a spiritual art, not an organizational skill. A calm response to the ups and downs of life is the result of balance. It emanates from our soul-self, then gently flows into our daily activities. How do we get into a balanced flow and stay there? Here are some thoughts that you might find helpful.

  1. Spend time alone each day in quiet meditation. Everything exists within the silence of the soul, and wisdom is a part of the silence. In silence, your questions are answered.
  2. Listen to the guidance you receive. Listen with your spiritual ears. Messages come in quiet words spoken silently in your mind, in words spoken audibly, in images, in feelings, sensations and sometimes through a knowing. The more you listen, the deeper the trust you develop.
  3. Trust your ability to apply the wisdom. The information gained in silent soul-relationship is always valid. When you trust and follow guidance, you begin to live a balanced, enjoyable life.
  4. Spend your time with other people who live happy, balanced lives. You decide who you spend time with. Balance creates more balance and chaos creates more chaos. You have the right to choose.
  5. Realize that stress and anxiety are a warning signal that something needs attention. It may be you are harboring a negative belief. You might be avoiding and issue. Perhaps you fear you’ll hurt someone if you make a change. Anxiety brings issues to your attention, and it becomes worse if you ignore the issue causing the stress.
  6. Time is a problem only when we create a problem with time. If you have an appointment be responsible. If you are going to be late say so, and accept your situation gracefully and arrive calmly.  Offer your apologies (not excuses), and make the most of the time you do have.
  7. Live within the perception of abundance. There is enough for everyone. Honesty and generosity are the keys to happiness.  We are angels to each other.
  8. Make a conscious effort to live in harmony with all the elements of creation. Harmony is a soul concept, a virtue. Creation is like a puzzle. It takes all the puzzle pieces fitting compatibly together to make the creation complete.
  9. Commit to becoming a living example of unconditional love. Unconditional love is the great balancer, and the key to opening the door to all the Universe offers. Unconditional love includes the relationship you have with yourself.

“ Balance is the aim of all living creatures”

~ Rolf Gates


  • I’ve published a book and have a second one coming soon. I write for Sibyl magazine and will do so again next year. Have other credits as well. I have two friends who write professionally, both in NC and some others who have published several books. What are you actually looking for?

    Glad you liked the article.

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