Copy of Yeshua: 100 Meaningful Messages for Messengers

Yeshua Book Cover
  • Category: Meditation, Self-Help
  • Format: Paperback, Kindle
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  • Publisher: iUniverse
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1663244693
  • ISBN-13: 978-1663244697
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"As we practice our meditative breathing and our walking meditation, we gradually reawaken to our own inner wisdom."

Nestor begins this mindfulness guidebook with her own personal story and journey to find a pathway out of her painful childhood through tai chi, meditation, journaling, and walking. What begins as a foray into personal healing and transformation ends up becoming her life’s work. She deepens her own daily practice, studies the masters, and shares her expertise in this wonderfully accessible resource.

Nestor provides a framework with clear instructions and examples for achieving mindfulness through practice. She also introduces walking meditation as a way to invite awareness. Once these structures are in place, they become the foundation for “Enriching the Journey.” Nestor gently offers instruction for mindful breathing, walking consciously, and maintaining focus. These powerful practices can transform lives by reducing stress and awakening inner joy and peace.

Nestor’s intimate writing style is effective and soothing. Her suggestions, guidance, and advice are like open palms of welcome and an invitation to personal growth. Each chapter is a beam of peaceful light beckoning readers into a calm space of clarity and purpose. Anyone beginning a spiritual journey through mindful meditation or hoping to enhance their meditative practices will find inspiration in these pages. Nestor details practices that are accessible and actionable for anyone on a pathway to wholeness.

Quieting the mind grows more challenging as the world becomes more frantic. Often, just living in modern society results in a hectic state of the soul that is nagging and constant. But there are proven methods for facing the chaos. Nestor’s experience and wisdom are distilled in this guide and will help readers use meditation and walking to achieve balance. Over time, with practice, the journey will lead to a place of peace and achievable transformation. Nestor’s practical and inspiring guidebook is well worth reading.


Dr. LB
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 July 2023
One of the most meaningful, beautiful, and inspiring books I have read in recent times.
Most of us are running our lives on autopilot, just want things done, leaving little time to appreciate the finer moments in life. The beauty of our world or how precious is every minute, indeed every life on Earth is unique and priceless.

The author offers us all a fine but easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide, to transform our days into a much more meaningful, mindful and rewarding treasure. The Walking Meditation that is advocated in her book suits me far better than sitting meditation. Slowly but steadily one improves to make good progress. More calm each day, more meaningful journaling, insights dawn upon us which then is so helpful in sorting out so many issues that crop up at work or home.

Instead of trying everything at once, it's much better to try one exercise for some days or weeks until it comes naturally. The next step for a while and so on. Rapidly these become unfailing habits.

There is enormous collected wisdom put together lovingly, from her own life experience too, and many realised souls guidance here. The idea of being In The Moment is the key to it all. So many ways to do it. It opens many doors in the mind which is then free to achieve inner peace.
Make Life beautiful.

Highly recommend this wonderful, transformation guidebook to every reader.