The Five Mindfulness Trainings: The Path to Peace

world peaceSomething new for the 2013: An interactive blog post.  Leave comments so that we get a dialogue going.  We’ll create smiles, some inspiration – all at the same time!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be contemplating Thich Naht Hnah’s Five Mindfulness Trainings, often called the Five Precepts.  I ask you to think about what you read, and perhaps do some writing of your own so that you clarify ideas and beliefs within your own mind and heart.  Each post is made so that you can print the page and write down your own ideas, if you choose to do so.

The five trainings represent the “vision of all our spiritual ancestors for a global spirituality and ethic.”  These trainings represent a path of personal and world-wide peace, wisdom, and true love that leads to healing, transformation, happiness and a sense of inner peacefulness.  The precepts remove discrimination, intolerance, anger, fear, and despair from our own hearts and minds – so that the world can be a better place, one person at a time.

The way of life we establish when we live the values shared within the trainings, create clarity out of confusion and relieve our fears for our present moment as well as our fears about the future.  A mindful way of life, gives us an increased opportunity to elevate our quality of life and the quality of life on our beautiful planet Earth.

Our motto: Love and respect for all beings (human, animal, plant, and mineral).

The Five Trainings:

  1. Reverence for Life
  2. True Happiness
  3. True Love
  4. Loving Speech and Deep Listening
  5. Nourishment and Healing

Once a week for the next five weeks we’ll contemplate one of the trainings, beginning with Reverence for Life.