Script for Mindful Meditation

Nurturing Wellness through Radical Self-Care:

A Living in Balance Guide and Workbook by Janet Gallagher Nestor

The Script for Mindful Meditation©

As you prepare for your Mindful Mediation, make sure you have your mindfulness journal and a pen or pencil close to you. You’ll want them for journaling once you’ve enjoyed your mediation.

Sit comfortably with your feet up or recline in a way that allows your energy to flow freely. Make sure that your neck and spine are comfortably aligned. If you are using a pillow, choose one that is thin and comfortable.

You can choose to close your eyes for the meditation or leave them open. I like to close my eyes because it improves my focus. If you choose to leave your eyes open, maintain a soft focus. In a soft focus, your eyes are at neutral, focusing on nothing in particular. It is almost as if you are staring out a window and seeing nothing except a smooth body of water or the expanse of a wide open valley clear of all obstructions.

Allow yourself to settle into a comfortable posture, feeling as though you are settling into your body. Notice your breathing and feel your spine. Imagine that you can feel your breathtraveling up your spine with your in breath, and down your spine with your out breath.

Inhale, beginning at the bottom of your tail bone, and up your spine to the spot where your head and neck join, and into the center of your brain where you visualize a little, translucent white pearl. Then bring your in breath to your brow chakra, on your forehead right above and between your eyebrows. On the exhale reverse the pattern, taking the exhale from the brow chakra back to the translucent white pearl, to the spot where your neck and head join, and down your spine to the bottom of your tailbone.

Feel your spine elongate and open. Using your imagination, see your spine open up and the energy begin to flow freely. As this occurs you may notice a color associated with your spinal energy. Some of you will see a bright, clear electric blue color, which is the energy of your nervous system. You can feel the relaxation flow into your face and your head. Your scalp relaxes. Your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth relax. Perhaps you feel a gentle smile on your lips and that further deepens the relaxation.

Begin to notice your body. Your shoulders are aligned, level, and relaxed. With each breath your shoulders become softer and increasingly more comfortable. The muscles in your arms become softer and looser as they relax. You notice your hands and fingers as they relax, and they feel alive and warm as energy flows through them.

Notice your hips. Your hips are aligned and level. As you notice them and the muscles soften, they feel more infused with energy and more relaxed. With each breath your hips and pelvic area become softer, more relaxed. As you inhale and exhale, feel your hip muscles continue to open, soften and relax. The relaxation flows down your legs, to your knees, your ankles, and into your feet and toes. You might find you want to wiggle your toes, flex your feet, or rotate your ankles. Move around in whichever way feels natural and positive. As your tension eases, you are more comfortable and at peace.

Imagine your bones, your skeletal system, automatically settling into the right posture to achieve the most comforting relaxation. As your bones settle into perfect alignment you notice an increased energy flow through your whole body. The correction increases the flow of energy to specific locations in your body, and you can feel the positive change taking place. You are soothed, and you continue to relax. The energy flows through each bone and your whole skeletal system feels aligned and harmonious.

As your skeletal system settles into perfect position for relaxation, you naturally and comfortably become more peaceful. Your body feels as smooth as silk—even, peaceful, everything flowing perfectly. You can feel the energy of love flow through you, through each bone, and your whole skeletal system. The increased energy enhances the communication between your mental self … your thoughts … and each bone in your body and between each bone in your skeletal system. It also increases the unconscious communications, enhancing your mind–body functioning.

Begin to notice the muscles and tissue that cover your bones and the nerves that supply energy to them—your whole neuromuscular system. You actually feel the muscles and flesh covering your bones. As your awareness increases, your senses provide information—there is communication between you, your bones, your muscles and the flesh that covers them and the nerves that feed them. You are comfortable in your awareness. You are interested in what information your neuromuscular system and your somatic sensory system provide about what is taking place within your body. Notice that your mind gently and completely accepts the comfort. Your body relaxes more deeply as your heightened awareness tells you it is OK to do so. You are completely at ease with the communication and the relaxation.

You notice that even though you are relaxed, you are also alert and highly attuned to my words. You are listening to the direction, and you are hearing every word clearly and interpreting the meaning in a deeply profound way. A sense of calm is settling over your entire body, and you can clearly follow each word that is spoken. Your awareness and insight is heightened.

You are using your in and out breath as your meditation focal point, and your breathing is naturally deep and regular. Your breath is the focal point for the meditation, and that is really all you notice—breathing in and out, soft and gentle. Your breathing is full and extremely comfortable. Your breath is soft and silken as it flows in and out.

Your breath flows comfortably as you inhale and exhale. If you notice a thought come into your mind, gently allow your mind to move away from the thought. Notice it. Honor it. Name it. Allow the thought to flow away from you on the next out breath. Your entire focus is on the breath and your quiet inner awareness. Your breath is naturally full. Breathing is automatic, natural, and comfortable.

Notice that each in and out breath is allowing you to drift gently into a quieter place—in and out—deeper into a relaxation that is soft, comfortable, and peaceful. You are content and comfortable in the pleasure of your relaxation.

With each breath you honor your whole self. With each breath you allow your mind to become more calm and restful. If a thought comes, notice it and let it move on. You have no attachment to the thought. Thoughts come and go. You are at peace. Your mind is quiet and still. You are grateful for your ability to relax in such a comfortable, peaceful way.

Breathe gently and normally—relaxing … noticing the completeness and deepness of the relaxation. The relaxation pleases you, is comfortable for you … is peaceful and restorative for you.

Each time you breathe, your relaxation is softer and deeper. With each breath you begin to have a greater awareness of who you really are; each time you meditate you discover something new about yourself, something new about your life. A new truth is always appearing, and that truth pleases you. Breathing and relaxing deeply is a lovely journey—a journey to self, a journey to your quiet space within, a journey to your own inner wisdom.

Your quietness and deep relaxation is helping your mind, body, emotions, and spirit integrate—communicate. The quietness is allowing you to center and balance your mind so your mind and body are functioning as a unit. There is a sense of wholeness, a sense that all parts are working together. Your breath is a soft, free-flowing ribbon of silk that balances your mind and body, creating unity within.

Listen quietly to what your mind and body whisper to you: What does your mind want from you? What does your body want from you? What does your mind–body system want from you? What does your mind–body system need in order to become more unified, to function at an increasingly more balanced level? Listen: focus on your breathing—listening to your body … fully experiencing your breath … listening to your inner voice.

You are breathing in and out, noticing your breath, listening to your body. Experience your breath as it flows softly in and out. The experience is satisfying, deeply peaceful, and relaxing. Listen to your inner voice as it whispers its wisdom. You are calm and very still, and fully aware of your experience.

Allow your attention to move fully and gently into the compassion and love that exist within your heart. Focus on the love and compassion that is within your heart. Breathe love and compassion in and out, listening to your heart as it whispers quietly to you. Notice the gentleness of your heart energy, the love that is there for you. Notice the compassion that is there for you—and there for others. Notice the kindness and the joy that is part of your heart center. The kindness and joy are for you. Let your awareness of the heart center and heart energy grow … as the energy of your heart grows, as the love, kindness, and compassion grow, allow your self-knowledge to grow with your heart’s expansion—breathing in and out, following your breath, focusing on your heart center … and your awareness of your gentle, loving heart center … as it grows and expands.

Gently and softly, notice the love and compassion you have for yourself. Notice how comfortable it is for you to love you. Notice how comfortable is for you to feel compassion for you. With each breath, allow the compassion you have for yourself to expand and grow. Let the self-love grow until you feel nothing but love for yourself … following our breath, breathing in and out—experiencing self-compassion and self-love. The self-compassion and the self-love are like a warm glow deep within. You may even be able to see the warm glow as it emanates from your heart center and flows into your whole being and on into your energy field until you are glowing from head to toe—and completely encircled by the glow. Allow yourself to fully experience the softness and gentleness of the breath within you. Allow the softness and gentleness to move lovingly through your whole being—restoring … rejuvenating. Each breath rejuvenates your whole being … and you welcome the feelings of restoration and rejuvenation. You are aware of your own presence of being, and the awareness is magnificent.

Rest now. Rest deeply and fully. Rest in the quiet you have created within. Rest in the gentleness you are experiencing … rest in the unconditional compassion you have for yourself—fully receptive to the love, receptive to the compassion. You are relaxed and enjoying the gentle compassion you feel deep within. You are smiling from within. The sun is shining on the inside and you are experiencing your own wholeness—your own unity. Notice your breathing—the softness of your breathing—and once again begin to focus on your body, your whole being. As you notice your whole being, your entirety, your wise inner nature—there are messages there for you. Quietly give permission for your wholeness—your entirety—to share its deepest wisdom.

Breathing softly in and out, resting on your breath … relaxing with your breath … allow your breath to cradle you—to rock you gently in its loving embrace. Let your gentle in and out breath love you and care for you. The rocking is comforting … healing.

You are resting in your experience—quietly resting in your experience … chatting with your body … chatting with your inner wisdom. Allow the information to flow—whatever you want and need—resting and gaining awareness … soothing, gentle awareness … unconditional love of self—unconditional compassion given to you, by you.

(Transition to a more alert and aware state of consciousness.)

Gently and slowly begin to notice your body in a more alert way. Maybe you can feel your body as it reclines. Maybe you can feel your body awaken. Maybe you want to move your head or wiggle your hands and feet a little bit as you become more alert.

Continue to notice the love—the gentleness of the meditation process—the wisdom of the process. Notice your gentle, regular, effortless breathing and how it soothes you and cocoons you.

Gradually come fully present to the room, becoming more alert and clear. Come fully awake—feeling relaxed and refreshed … wiser … consciously noticing your increased awareness.

Once you are fully present, go to your mindfulness journal and write about your experience. The wisdom you record becomes a tool for your life. You can review the journal and your personal insights whenever you are led to do so. You are recording your truth, and your truth will continue to nurture and strengthen you.