Radiant Energies Balance

Radiant Energies Balance is an energy psychology that utilizes the four primary meridians that work together as the Strange Flows or Radiant Circuits of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Radiant Circuits are present in your body to bring about balance: to relax you, balance your autonomic nervous system,  release the unwanted negativity, beliefs and traumas that caused the original imbalance.

The Meridian System (Radiant Circuits) used to balance your mind-body System

Spleen Meridian:

  • Balanced—Fairness and Compassion Toward Self
  • Unbalanced—Overly Compassionate and Worried About Others

Triple Warmer:

  • Balanced—Feelings of Safety
  • Unbalanced—Engaged when Danger is Perceived, Fight-or-Flight Response

Central Vessel:

  • Balanced—Feeling Centered and Secure
  • Unbalanced—Feeling Vulnerable

Governing Vessel:

  • Balanced—Sense of Inner Strength
  • Unbalanced—Lack of Courage

Meridian Information from Energy Psychology Interactive, 2004:
David Feinstein, PhD; Philip Warren with Janet Nestor www.rebprotocol.net

Table of Meridians taken from Nurturing Wellness through Radical Self-Care: Balboa Press (2012) by Janet Nestor