It All Comes Back to You – Find Your Still Center

Hello everyone.  Please welcome Judy Ault, author of today’s post and a modern day voice of Hildegard of Bingen.  Wise, mindful, peaceful, loving, nurturing.  Thank you Judy of sharing your words of wisdom with us.

It All Comes Back to You – Find Your Still Center

Guest post by Judy Ault

I’ve spent a lot of time online today looking at messages of inspiration on Twitter and luscious images with inspired messages on Facebook, sharing and posting away to new and found friends online.  I feel inspired and happy to know that these messages of love and opening to the Divine are growing and swelling to burst in song, sending waves of love rippling up to the Divine realm and stirring vibration of love across the Earth.  This is good and it is part of how we share love now.  But, (could you feel the “but” coming?) I still have not meditated today.  I need to do my work – my own work.  I need to “rest in God” – to be filled.

Each of us needs to do our part – our own work.  We are being called by the Divine to do this. It is so easy these days to get caught up and distracted.   I offer you this message of love from St. Hildegard in Spirit.  This is one of 10 meditations she has asked us to share with the world – all intended to guide you in your work of transformation.  May your find your still center. May it open your heart and fill you.

The Road (Identifying God Within)

When the road stretches out, we often run, hoping to reach the light on the horizon.

It is rare to find the soul who stops to consider the well-worn path and where it leads. For on that path many have run until there was nothing left in the heart for anything but the next step forward.

No struggles of their brethren do they see.  No gifts of the glorious day are captured by their eyes. For their eyes are fixed on an ephemeral goal that will never satisfy the longing in their hearts.

For what they hear is the call of God.  It is a burning light in their heart that cries to be replenished.  The only way to ease the longing is to stop on the path and consider the world around.

Remove your gaze from the distance and look within.

Solace, serenity and wisdom beyond all understanding lies on the path within.

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