creation solar systemYou and I are a part of creation. We are a part of the profusion of life that populates and beautifies planet Earth.

Mother Nature cares for all of us, making sure we have what we need to live and thrive within the ecosystem of our planet. She does this for all species – not just the human species. The animals, vegetables, fruits, trees, flowers and shrubs, amphibians, insects, crustaceans, and the smallest one cell creatures are a part of the life on this planet. We share the same space. We all are important and have an essential role to play in the quality of life we all enjoy together. We need each other to survive.

Somehow, along the way, mankind began to believe that because we could walk on two legs, talk, form meaningful relationships, read, write, and reason, that we were more important than all the other forms of life. Instead of loving and protecting, we began to feel we had the right to dominate other forms of life on the planet. Not only do we dominate the various forms of life, we do our best to dominate each other. We’ve become unfeeling and cruel.

We forget that animals and other creatures create a society, have families, and require food, love, and shelter. However, we destroy the homes of others to build houses, businesses, hospitals, schools, churches, and huge manufacturing conglomerates and believe that is OK. It is not OK. In building without awareness, we not only destroy our own life, but all other life on the planet. And more importantly, though our unconscious destruction, we are gradually destroying the Earth.

You’ve heard this point of view before. Some of you agree with me, and some of you think I am irrational and unrealistic. Many of us feel we have the right to earn a living through the destruction the ecosystem. We are unconscious to the fact that the ecosystem can only tilt so far before it tips over and breaks.

I want our beautiful planet to be thriving 1000 years from today. In 1000 years I want humanity to be enjoying the trees, wild animals, and free flowing streams. I want the oceans to be teaming with life, our atmosphere clear and clean, and our breath strong and vital.

I want humanity to shift from a violent, careless, selfish culture to a culture of peace, harmony, and contentment.

How do we save our own lives and the life of our planet? Here are some ideas:

  1. Learn to love yourself
  2. Learn to be kind to yourself
  3. Learn to let go of negative thoughts and feelings about yourself and your life
  4. Take responsibility for your own successes and your own mistakes
  5. Stop blaming others for the things that go wrong in your life
  6. Learn to forgive yourself quickly and easily
  7. Realize you no longer have the need to criticize and judge yourself
  8. Sleep when you are tired.
  9. Include laughter and fun in your life
  10. Find employment that brings you joy and fulfillment
  11. Surround yourself with mementos of the happy moments
  12. Find the inner spark of love and turn it into a flame
  13. Notice the butterflies
  14. Go for a walk and notice the magic of all your parts working together to create each step
  15. Breathe and be thankful for each breath
  16. Wake up with gratitude in your heart
  17. See everything that occurs as another way to learn
  18. Trust yourself and the creator of the universe
  19. Realize that you are here for a reason and accept who you are
  20. Accept the fact that because you are alive, you are worthy of love and happiness.

When you’ve mastered the 20 ideas on the list above, you will automatically…

  1. Show respect to your fellow travelers; human, animal, bird, and bee
  2. Notice the good traits in others first
  3. Stop criticizing others because they don’t look, think, or believe as you do
  4. Take time to enjoy the little things in life and value them
  5. Notice all the pain in the world – and you’ll want to do something about it
  6. Find it easier to receive love and show love to all living things
  7. Love who you are, care for your needs, and stop making excuses
  8. Realize you are more honest with yourself and others – yet you remain kind and compassionate
  9. Stop demanding more than your share of wealth
  10. Consume wisely, so that others can also have their needs met
  11. Walk softly upon the Earth and respect her many gifts
  12. See war and violence as of a waste of time and resources – you’ll be willing to use your words instead of your fists and weapons
  13. Want others to achieve success instead of feeling jealous or resentful
  14. Stop cheating on a test, on your taxes, on your spouse
  15. Even on your down days when you are tired, sad, or sick, you’ll remain happy and content

The world changes on person at a time. Change begins in the head and ends up including your heart and soul. A happy loving heart can change the world, and does.

“Each of us has to interact in the world as we are, and if there needs to be a change, we each have to obtain that knowledge before the change can be made.” Yeshua: 100 Meaningful Messages for Messengers: Message 6