Be All You Can Be

You and I are miracles.  
Our life, our smiles and are play are miracles.
Our life’s work is a miracle too.

~Janet Nestor

We are here to love, experience, share, teach, and awaken to the truth and realities of life. Every day we are all learning and growing.

And, one of those truths is to fully understand our unity with other human beings and all other forms of life on Earth and throughout the Universe. Whether life exists underground, in the water or in the air, or on some distant planet – we are all one. We are all made from the energy of Universal love. We are here to support each other.  We are here to teach each other and to protect and preserve.

We all have different biological capabilities, talents and messages to share. We can learn from the trees, the animals, the clouds, the ultrasonic frequencies of the whales. Their messages are right there for us, but many of us dismiss the worth of other species, their intuition, and biological assets as unimportant, or perhaps less important than the wants and needs of humanity.  We forget we can’t breathe without the trees and the oxygen they provide. We are somehow disconnected from our food sources which are living organisms either growing in the wild, in gardens and orchards or obtained directly from living animals. Everything is a valued part of creation, and we each are an essential segment in the tapestry of life. Even a particle of sand is important.

My friend and mentor, author and educator Dr. Barbara Stone loves life and the everyday miracles that life provides. Her curious and adventurous spirit has taken her to the Dominican Republic to swim with the whales, not once, but twice.  On her last trip something magical happened.  I hope you’ll read her short message below and then watch the video and experience a bit of the magic.

From Barbara Stone: “The bubble that enclosed my self-concept of how far my energy could reach had always been around me, so I never even noticed it. I was like a fish born in an aquarium thinking my world extended only to the edges of the tank. While I was swimming in the Silver Banks off the coast of the Dominican Republic in the breeding grounds of the humpback whales, something magical happened. Who would have thought a 45 foot long mother whale could have burst those limitations and opened up my heart and my mind to feel my connection with the infinite source of love that created the universe? I am so grateful for the unconditional love this whale named Minera blasted into my heart center, along with the telepathic message for me and for all of us, ‘Be all you can be!’”