Kristani Knapp

Although at first glance this may appear to be a book about the life and times of Yeshua. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, it is so much more! It is a healing tool…a means by which to expand your consciousness as well as strengthen your connection to the Divine. Just as the author herself experienced an inner shift while recording these hundred meaningful messages, you too may release limitations and open up to new possibilities simply by reading this amazing work. As with any holy book, it is written on many levels and can be read as such. While coming to more fully appreciate Yeshua’s mission in an up close and personal way, the presence of this master spiritual teacher (whose transcendant loving energy can tangibly be felt while reading his very own words as written down by his ever attentive scribe, Janet Nestor) reminds us that being love in action is our life purpose too. May this sacred manual serve you in that regard or in any other way that might benefit you on your eternal path