Debra A Gordy

Immediate. Intimate. Real. If you have ever wished that you were there in the Holy Land long ago and walked the dusty roads with Jesus as part of his Inner Circle, if you have ever wished the telling of Jesus’ life and ministry in ancient scripture felt more immediate to you and that you understood it better, if you have ever wished that you could sit down with Jesus at your kitchen table and have a heart to heart conversation, read “Yeshua: One Hundred Meaningful Messages for Messengers.” In this book, brought to the world by Janet Nestor, you can have a glimpse into what he taught his Inner Circle and into his family life; he will speak to you immediately and intimately about his life then and now, about how he fulfilled his mission, and about yours. You will discover that Yeshua is eager to be a part of your life, learn practices that can strengthen your connection with him, and through these messages discover that his mission is eternally timely.