I Choose a Joy-Filled Life

Joy feels like love! Joy is about the most amazing energy there is. We fly high, spirit souring, infused with a smile, laughter, and pure delight. Our feet don’t touch the ground, and our heart is the heartbeat of the angels. I choose joy! Don’t you? What are the alternatives? Sadness? Grief? Never ending exasperation? I decided I did not … Continue reading

I am Worthy

It is time for honesty. I spent a greater part of my earlier life believing that I was not worthy, and I felt my family would be happier if I did not exist. My mother was 17 years-old and unmarried when I was born in her childhood bed with an old country doctor in attendance. It was a traumatic experience … Continue reading

Do Something

“If not me and you then who?” ~Matthew West I’ve been doing a lot of traveling and doing a lot of flipping between radio stations trying to stay mentally occupied by listening to talk radio and music I enjoy. I stumbled onto Matthew West’s song Do Something and it touched me and awakened me. I put his YouTube video along … Continue reading